How to Access the Vendor Portal How to access the Vendor Portal Open internet browser and access this URL: Enter initial username and password. Click Log In button. Initial Login On initial login, vendor has to: Accept Terms and Conditions Click Continue on Announcements Update vendor information and change initial password Email Account Verification Email Account Verification Upon updating Vendor Information on Initial login, Vendor will receive an email for verification. User has to click on the link provided in the email to verify the email account. Only verified email account will be able to view Files (Purchase Order, Payment Voucher and BIR Form 2307) inside the Portal. Locked Account Temporary Locked Account User account may be locked temporarily for 15 minutes after three (3) consecutive failed logins. Temporary locked account may re-login to the system after 15 minutes.  Temporary locked account may click on the Forgot Password link in the Login Page, and provide the following information: Forget Password Enter the User ID (Vendor Number) and Email Address (has to be the primary email address in the account profile). Specified email address will receive an email instruction to specify new password to automatically unlock the account. After changing the password, Answer the security question. Permanently Locked Account User account may be locked permanently after six (6) temporary locks within a day.